52 Weeks of Gratitude – Wk 7

52 weeks of gratitude challenge by the lemon bug

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet for the most part today! I have plans for a big post tomorrow so keep an eye for it!

This week’s gratitude goes to the town I call home!

I live in a small-ish city/town in west Texas called Wichita Falls. Most people who live here tend to go on about how much they dislike it here, but Josh and my’s experiences has been different! There’s several things we actually really enjoy about this little city out here in the middle of nowhere!

First, we love the food here. For a town in Texas that doesn’t boast thousands of places to import food from or tons of local organic farms… it actually has a very nice variety of “foodie” locations! Some of our favorite restaurants are Fuzzy’s, Back Porch, Wasabi, and Stone Oven! We also enjoy the opportunity to have local markets to shop at for meats and exotic products and the variety of quality ingredients available at the grocery stores. We love to cook and having fresh ingredients close by is amazing!

We also love some of the opportunities to get our kids outside. We love to take the boys to Lucy Park to play on the big dinosaur bones or to walk the trails. They love going to look at the waterfall or crossing one of the bridges over the river! Sometimes we just walk around with them and let them burn off some of their energy! Another place we enjoy visiting is the River Bend Nature Center. The kids absolutely love the indoor activities and the animal sanctuary is so fun! We especially enjoy the butterfly enclosure! The small set of hiking trails make for a perfect afternoon out and they have many cool areas to stop and play along the way. The introduction of businesses like Urban Air has also made this town a little more entertaining and we hear they are planning new things like repairing our lake (that got hit hard by the drought) and trying to make it an attraction once again! I find all of these things fantastically exciting.

Another thing we enjoy is the small business community. The number of places to visit downtown are awesome. Our favorite place to go is Alley Cat Vintage Mercantile… it’s FOUR stories of renovated theater full from wall to wall (even the closets!) with consignment shops with everything from old vinyl records to antique books to clothes and handcrafted items! I absolutely ADORE this place. Many of the small businesses like local bars and cafes also support local music in a fantastic way. Iron Horse Pub ALWAYS has fun live music on weekends and their drinks are mixed flawlessly every time. Eighth St. Coffee House also hosts open mic nights and live music and live poetry readings very frequently. Not to mention P2 with some of its wonderful outdoor performances and the Backdoor Theater with great shows! I often hear people who complain about a lack of entertainment but I think they just aren’t looking hard enough. Several local game stores even host gaming nights! What more could you want!?

Last but most certainly not least, is the mental health system here. We have found so much help in our journey with Briar here. From the opportunity to study, train, and work under Rachel and Jennifer at Rose Street Spectrum where I learned about ABA and how to work with my son, to Cunningham Elementary and the programs and opportunities they have provided as a public school. We have repeatedly been impressed and grateful for all of the support and love we received in this community as parents of autism… much more than many towns can boast.

Anyway… to sum it up, we really do love it here. It may not seem like much to many people but for the two of us, it is a wonderful place to live and raise our family! As for anything we might need from a bigger city, Dallas-Fort Worth is only two hours away… and what kind of trucker’s lady would I be if a little drive like that was too much?


As always, have a beautiful day!

Have a beautiful day! from the lemon bug!


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